clear coat question



Hi all its been a while ,that work thing keeps getting in the way . Any ways I am doing a helmet and got one graphic done , can I or should I use a clear base before I start the next graphic? I don't want to mess up the first doing the second one thanks
That looks like createx paint in the pic? I don't use that, so not really sure how well it would hold up to masking. I use wicked and find I don't need to clear between layers. If you are not sure maybe do a test first? Transparent base might work, but if you would rather be safe then sorry then you could just clear.
Thanks squishy , it is wicked. I am not clearing between layers when I done with this I am going to put another reaper on the sides before I do the final clear. I just don't want over spray or anything messing it up
Ah ok, well the wicked should hold up fine, and if you are worried about over spray, angle the brush away from this area and that should direct any over spray where you want it. if you keep fairly close to the surface that should lessen any overspray too. And you could lower the pressure, (less pressure = less paint in the air) and reduce a little more to compensate, you will probably have to make more passes to get the colour density, but will definately help with over spray.