Clear coat??


Daniel D

Hey guys! I'm new here. And I paint controllers. I currently have an hp-Cs Iwata. Now I'm wondering what to use as a clear coat for my projects..I usually use a rattle can of krypton 3x gloss..but how does it react with the wicked paints? Also, I want a super nice even gloss finish. Is my best bet to get a spray gun and get a 2k clear coat, or just a regular clear coat for that matter?
No issues with wicked and clear coats. For durability 2K urethane clear is beat. Spray Max 2K in a spray can is a good alternative . Either way a good respirator should be worn.
Any idea if i should use a rattle can or get an actual spray gun and mix with a thinner and hardner? Are they both just as good?
For safety of your colors use an "intercoat clear". Basically a safety layer of transparent base of your choice. I've used AG2050 or just Wicked base would be fine. The canned clears are very potent and aggressive, from what I've been told. They can, and I've seen it myself, eat away/absorb certain colors of paint. White being my experience.
Awrsome, thanks guys! Also, very new to airbrushing. Do you know of any other companies that make good paints? Or is createx really the best to choose from?
Createx probably have the most diverse line of paints and the wicked line is probably best suited to your needs but there are many other brands of paint all with their own disadvantages and advantages...... If using water based paints most people use either createx etac o r spectratex by badger but others also use other like liquitex or schminke. Wicked or etac pri v ate stock is best for your use imo
Perfect, just the reply I was looking for! Wanted to make sure it was all okay!!' Thankyou!!
Hi, Daniel.
When you say you paint "controllers", is it safe to assume you mean PS/Xbox type things?
One thing to remember is that if the prepping isn't right, it'll show on the finish.
There are some great vids [you-tube] that show guys like TonyD painting [ and prepping] controllers with some really wicked results.
Looks like fun, but the curves would drive me nuts!
Ad fez is right on the money with the paint lines. I use Golden Hi-Flow acrylics mostly, and haven't had an issue as far as adhesion to plastic goes.
But to each his own.
Any idea if i should use a rattle can or get an actual spray gun and mix with a thinner and hardner? Are they both just as good?
I use a can clear acrylic like i said in the above post,so to buy a gun just for clear I would say no as then you will have to deal with solvents to clean it,and that get old fast but you could try a water based clear and see if that works for you