Clear coat



Would acrylic clear coat be fine to use on motorbike tanks and fenders.used it on various other projects but wondered what the durability would be like.


The automotive industry used acrylic lacquer for a long time, in fact I still use Dupli Color lacquer from time to time on certain things, but for the best durability to date, you really want to use a 2k urethane. It is nasty stuff, and if you're not set up to spray it safely, I would call around to some local body shops and get some price quotes. You should be able to find one that can spray it for a reasonable price. If that's not an option then the acrylic would probably be ok, but it just wouldn't hold up as well as the urethane.


I agree with Forever Young. 2K will be your best bet on a motorcycle. Not only will it look nicer it will hold up better in the sun against UV rays which can cause a cheap clear to yellow. Panels are OK to use cheaper materials because they will usually sit on a wall or shelf. I use that Duplicolor on my panels, but on a car or motor cycles I would go with a Good 2K clear coat!