Clear coating and t shirts



Hey guys and gals
Got another couple of questions for ya. My brother and sister have birthdays coming up and I'm wanting to paint an iPod case and a t-shirt for them. My question about the case involves the clear coat. I don't have a clue about that stuff and I was wondering if I could use my comart paints with the createx clear coat? As for my other question, can I use my comart paints to paint something on a black t-shirt? I know a little about the difficulties of painting on black shirts with createx, but I don't know much about the comart paints
Since the I-pod case is a plastic, I would assume that an acrylic clear would be suitable for it, being that it has similar characteristics to m/cycle plastics.
I use Save Tee from coast airbrush for textiles, it will work on leather/vinyl and canvas as well. Acrylic lacquer made for art for paintings on paper and illustration board, and usually an automotive type acrylic lacquer for metal and plastic.

I have used wicked transparent base for shirts as well. Just make sure on a shirt to heat set it or the paint will fade the first wash.

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