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I've been inform by a fella in the states that the best coating for a canvas is an aerosol called Save 'T' , primarily for tee shirt image fixing but he told me its flexible, doesn't yellow over time and won't crack.
I tried to a can from coast airbrush but they can't ship it due to "hazmat" regs.
Is there anything over here that's as good.
My leopard pick needs a coat before it gets damaged, first decent piccie and all that.
It would be nice if someone could figure out what the Save T is. It's a stuck on label. Obviously someone makes it for them, it's a fairly large can, got to be something commercial. If we knew what the stuff was it would be great. It's potent as hell though. Better have good ventilation.
What's the alternative in the uk though, just clear acrylic spray or is there something a bit more designed for art work etc
I use Liquitex Gloss Medium & Varnish. It is a brush on clear coat for Acrylics. I mix a 50/50 mixture of gloss medium and distilled water.
I have Matte and Gloss. The Gloss makes colors more vibrant and pop with a pretty high sheen. Matte almost changes colors none with a flat finish.
The large bottle in the picture below is Spectra Tex Gloss top coat. It is similar to the gloss medium, but does have a slight bit more tac to it when dry(very slight).

Gloss Medium Varnish - Liquitex

Gloss Mediums IMG_2754.jpg

Note: I brush it on with a moisted soft bristle artist brush. I didn't get real great results from spraying any of the above. They seem to dry way to fast and didn't have a real great finish. Brushing it on leaves very slight brush lines, which actually gives the feeling and texture of a painting. They can be thinned even more to eliminate this.
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Would brushing onto a canvas painted with wicked spread or smudge the painting being as its water based,?
Would brushing onto a canvas painted with wicked spread or smudge the painting being as its water based,?

No. If the paint is dry it shouldn't be a problem. I have used it on Createx Illustration, which is basically the same base as Wicked. You should be able to get it just about anywhere also. I always am on the side of caution though. Mask off a small spot on the back side that has the same finish as your painting, let it cure, then try it. I have had no problems with Illustration paints and Liquitex varnish.

I can try it on some canvas tonight with Wicked if you would like. Did you paint yours with or without extra gesso applied?
Yes it was just a hobby craft pre coated canvas, I take it coating in gesso is a good idea, what does it do? Stop the paint bleeding into the canvas ?
Hey subzero, I've used createx matte topcoat. It's made for use on fabric, leather etc. It,s white in the bottle but goes on clear, and although it says matte, I think it gives an almost satin finish depending on what you are using it on. I've only used it on a leather jacket, and a couple of small canvasses dried it with a hair drier, and it worked well. Don't know how it holds up over time but is not meant to yellow etc. Might be worth a look.
Thanks fellas, Squishy, that's sounds like a plan, save T is for t shirts etc so it's on the same track as the createx top coat, I'll give that a go I think.
I would say any acrylic varnish should do. It is made for canvas. You've actually given me an idea, thanks.
I've got a couple of bottle of spectra to coat gloss spare of you want one. ... are you going to kkbo I could bring it to you then
Ad fez yes I am going to kkbo I've heard that the man from badger has very bargains at these shows, I fancy a krome to add to the collection, no doubt more paint, I'll probably go on the Sunday though, if you pm me ill give you my mobile number or visa versa, see you there
I've only ever used acrylic automotive clear sprayed through a gun. Just a few light coats and done. Never had a drama and all you need to do is wipe it over with a slightly damp cloth.