Clear coating



Hi all can anyone recommend a clear-coat that's readily available in the UK?. I'm using Createx/Wicked paints. Also on top of candies if i can figure out how to spray them thru' an airbrush, The clear-coat will be used on, :) hopefully, many different projects, both indoor and outdoor. Just getting to grips with my airbrush and having loads of fun:).
I assume ya meant candy thru ya gun and not clear..No point trying to clear with an airbrush unless its a model part or sumfin, as to whats available over there, cnt say too much but I'm sure HOK, CrystalClear or Debeers and many others have distributors over there, best place at times to go for candy (Dont use wicked or createx) is an auto spray store. They will be true candy's and not watered down representations though I must admit, some airbrush paint ranges are getting better in that world but for good candy go to the candy shop LOL, an auto paint shop in otherwords, whilst there get some clear in the same range and even some bases if ya need it, stick to the one system and you'll have success, if doing canvas work, ignore everything I just said LOL
Be a little more helpful if you told us what you plan on painting on and as rebel said you don't spray clear through an airbrush. Clear needs a bigger nozzle and spray pattern. It would take months to try and clear a car with one lol and would have millions of what's referred as zebra stripes from the overlap. May be better off with clear in a can as much as I hate it until you can clear properly. Clearing is an art all in its own.