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Hi, I'm about to start clearing my bonnet and would need some tips regarding mixing a clear and applying the coats. I'm not sure if I should mix the whole clear at once or rather mix a small amount before every coat? how much time should I wait between coats? cheers
Hi Airflow - what is the name of the clearcoat - does it give instructions on the tin?

As I said in the shout box, it is better to mix smaller amounts so as not to have the hardening happen in your paint cup. but then I dont know that much. :)

is it a 2k ckear? what brush/spray gun are you using?
yes its a 2k clear, not sure about the make of it.. I bought just 300ml from a local paint shop and they put it into small plastic bottles with no info on them, right now i can't recall the name. ill stick to mixing small amount before each coat. I use some cheap (40 euro) speedway gun with 1.4mm nozzle.
I've just had a look at my 2k tins (unused atm) and there is NO info on them other than a 2-1 mix (2k - hardener)

I hope someone can help a little more her, but do a Google search too :)
Flash of time is usually 10 minutes. Drying time depends on the activator used. You get slow medium and fast. Chances that your clear will dry in your gun is very slim, unless you leave it in your gun overnight. Mix according to the amount of base coat you used.

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I mix as the gun needs it, will generally mist spray it first, let it flash off and with the same mix get my second coat on which is a thicker coat..Being only the hood you may get 3 good passes out of each mix..Don't mix up the lot as you likely won't use it all you'll just waste any thats mixed and not needed..
best call where u bought it from, i know here ( scotland) i often use 3:1 clear as well as 2:1

i.m.o clearcoat u really want two wet coats, no mist coat as it will only have a negative effect on your finish, flash off depends on room temperature but if your in your garage , shed etc, give it ten minutes between coats should be fine.

it wouldnt harden in the gun or cup within the time it takes to finish the piece but dont mix up too much as it will only waste. as it hardens overnight.
Check out the you-tube vids on auto finishing with clear coats, as these will give you a better idea
of what happens when you're applying clears to surfaces - including flash times for difeerent clears
and how to apply them.
Hope this helps.