Clear Glasscleaner


Double Actioner
Hi all this is one for all the peeps in the UK but you can get it in store or online from Wilkinsons i think for all my Airbrushing relatives around the world ;) I have been looking around for a few weeks for a clear glass cleaner that don't cost the world and finally found said thing while being dragged shopping with my better i may not cry next time she drags me along hahaha so i made some up today with the homemade reducer from Jason Jones online ;) and it came out crystal clear....

But just one small problem my ruddy regulator ain't turned up today so I'm sat here writing this lol in the hope that it comes tomorrow I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this Clear glass cleaner from Wilkinson's before if so a thousand apologies but I was a special moment for me finding it hahahaha....And yes I do need to get out more ;) on the the back for ingredients it reads exactly this


I called customer services just before they knocked off today and the kind lass said she will email me the tech sheet so waiting for definitive proof but I've tried to look this ingredients and they are from what i can make out Isopropyl based but with my ruddy meds I may be wrong so am hunkering down with ones sand bags just in case I hope it helps as basically everything over here other than Auto glass cleaner is either green or blue and perfumed or stinks of ammonia well this stuff does none of them hahaha it may just ruddy work but can't say till i get to do some ABing ...Again hope it helps.

It would be nice to finally be able to give something back to you all as you have been ruddy great to me ;)