Clearcoat kicking my arse !!


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Hi everyone been a while since iv been on here as things have been pretty hectic my way with a new addition to my family ( a gorgeous lil gal ) and work famn i hate work !
Anyway iv beeb playing around with 2k clear over wicked and aa paints. And for the life of me i can not stop the fish eyes and i mean real bad craters 5mm across.
Im using debeers hs clear test penals were cleaned primed scuffed with 800 w/d wax and grease tak ragged basecoat heat set light tak rag then let it sit for about an hrr then the clear. Then disaster !! I lay a drop coat medium and then wet and crazy damn fish eyes.
I thought maybe conteminated air supply so i started over with new air hoses different compressor 3 seperate filters plus a filter at the gun still really bad fish eyes.
Im stumped i did one penal that turned out great but the rest ( 8 others are stuffed ) iv tried different thinning ratios fast reducers slow reducers three different guns one was even brand new.
If anyone has any suggestions im all ears hopefully someone can shed some light. I think the only thing i havent tried is the fish eye eliminator

I look forward to hearing your opinions
I'm no expert so take this with a pinch of salt Lol, just a few thoughts. If one out of 9 panels came out fine, then it probably isn't your hose or compressor or they would all be bad - unless the good panel was sprayed first, and then water or some other contaminate had time to travel through the hose while that one was sprayed, and then came through and affected the rest.

Fish eyes are usually contamination, if the surface is clean, and your equipment is good, is it possible that there are particles in the air, dots or specks at the center of the fish eyes could indicate that. Or maybe there is something on your clothes etc that is brushing up against the surface after de-greasing

Is the flash time of an hour before applying your clear coat, within the specs of the basecoat paint? And also are you following the flash time between coats of clear to the letter?

If all of the above isn't the issue then the only other thing I could think of is the application. Are your fish eyes only appearing after the wet/flow coat. I am wondering if it is too heavy whether it is affecting the surface tension of the paint, and it is collapsing in places? I have no tech knowledge of paint, but I wondered as I know that with the wicked reducer they added something which they say is to allow heavier coats without affecting the surface tension causing fish eyes (or words to that effect :) ) , so I just wondered if that could be happening with you.

If you try the fish eye eliminator, it will sort out your issues, but as it is petroleum/oil based I have heard you will really need to clean the area you paint in after, as any residue could possibly affect any later painting.

Hope someone can help you out.
Hi Steve, I think Squishy has pretty much nailed it. You have eliminated the air feed, you have prepped the surface, the only other variables are 'application' which you seem to have adjusted or airborne contamination which in this case seems the most likely. As squishy says, if there is a small fleck in the centre of the fish eye then this is pretty much a certainty as to the cause, other than someone spraying polish in the vaccinity, ie (silicone)
Thanks guys for the help. I'm stuck i try clear coating naked haha . Think i read somewhere that if you start using the fish eye additive in your guns you pretty much have to keep using it how true this is i dont know.
I will keep trying i might get lucky
Hmm i wonder im my heat gun is conteminated ? I think im not sure but the penal that work i think i set it with the heat lamps in my little home made booth
If there has only been one sucessful one, as you say, then logically you must have done something different to it.
As you said, the only difference was that you used a heat gun on the one's that 'failed', and a heat lamp on the other, it's possible that your heat gun is forcing contaminants onto the surface, giving you 'fish eyes' as a result. The contaminant maybe airborn and being forced onto your surface by the heat gun.
Just a thought, but worth checking out, as it's going to take time to sand and re-prep the others, and I'd be really p%^$#d having to go back and do them all again for a 3rd time, if it is!
Lucky they are only test penals as I am new to 2k clear. There is a good chance its the heat gus as I use it for everything and sits on the work bench so there could be all sorts of lubricant over it in it lol going to try the heat lamps again see what happens. Also going to get a desiccant dryer atleast I can then definitely eliminate the air supply as a cause
Hi, i just had a few fish eyes on a helmet. Helmet was primed with auto primer, and then used wax and grease remover before applying a couple of coats of spray can silver metallic. Resulted in some fish eyes. I`m putting my troubles down to the fact that i was using the dregs out of my can of wax and grease remover and it may be beyond its shelf life. I`ve had it a long time. Or maybe i missed wiping it off properly in a couple of places. I dunno, never had the problem before. I know how you feel, it is damned annoying, and hard to pinpoint why it happened. Sounds as though the other members are giving you some good advice anyhow. Good luck.
Another thing that people don't realize is that wearing silicone band's (watchs and the likes ) Can and do also cause fisheye's.
New heat gun snd so far so good clear is laying down nice and with very little peel fingers crossed
I have to say i have never heard of heat gun causing problems before. I use one all the time and have never had any problems. But you learn something every day on the forum. Thank god.
What is the area your are clearing in like . Paint booth , home made paint booth, Garage , out in the open?
I have a home made paint booth which prior to clearing I hose down with water then pull the item to be cleared in and wipe it down ,then clear
I have yet had fish eyes ,
I rarely see fish eyes cause my the equipment , Not that is does not happen but on my system I have 3 water traps and filters and have a water trap at the spray gun.
Now back ni the late 60;s and early 70's when I would paint out in the open I would get fish eye city. that was due to pollen in the air.
That is why you filter the air coming into the area and leaving the area.
Paint nude if it is a 2k clear is just asking for the big C. ISO can be absorbed into the pours of your skin and you just opened all the pours for exposure.
paint suits are cheap enough:D
I have to say i have never heard of heat gun causing problems before. I use one all the time and have never had any problems. But you learn something every day on the forum. Thank god.
Heat guns can cause the finish to bubble and burn if you are holding it in one place to long or moving to slow . But that is operator error and not really the guns fault LOL
Hmm i wonder im my heat gun is conteminated ? I think im not sure but the penal that work i think i set it with the heat lamps in my little home made booth
Ahh! you never mentioned heat gun....... Yep Iv had that happen, little flecks thrown out, thing is it will happen again once the gun has collected enough rubbish to spit at your artwork.
I only use the heat gun to cure the wicked and aa paint not for the clear. Why i say the heat gun is its had everything come in contact with it oils silicone spay grease.
I also have 3 filters ehich i did slso replace 2 of them for safe measure.
Hopefully i have this sorted. Oh and i do suit up