Clearing with rattle cans...



Usually I do flat surfaces and stuff but right now I'm doing a full face bike helmet and... I can't get a nice glossy surface like I can with flat surfaced stuff. If you spray too much, it starts to run and drip. Don't spray enough, and it's really matte and dull looking. With flat surfaces I can finish off with a nice wet coat at the end and it looks nice and glossy... since it's flat, it can't run anywhere (unless I go nuts and it pools xD) I went through can and the top of the helmet is nice and glossy but the sides are very matt because I didn't want a bunch of drips and runs... (it still ran a little here and there cause I started putting it on too thick... and I managed to soften it a little bit by letting it dry barely and then spray more very lightly and it kind of settled in and blended in pretty well... but the light spraying made it very matte lookin again).

It doesn't look too bad but I want a nice glossy surface all around... suggestions?
For helmets, I always do the 2 part automotive clears. They are the most durable, have UV protections built in, and since I don't spray the 2k stuff myself, I get to let other people do it.

Since you went with the rattle can, the best bet would be to build up several light layers... for a helmet, I might go a dozen or more.... then sand it with 1000 grit wet sand paper, then work your way down in grits until you reach 2000 grit. That will get rid of the orange peel, and smooth out the surface. Since it is a rounded surface, you have to be careful not to sand through the clear coat. I use a soft foam block on rounded surface and very light pressure. Sand in very small circles for a few seconds, then wioe off the water and see how it looks. You want to to sand it just to the point where you have no pits in the clear.

Then, its easiest with a buffer, but you can do it by hand.... take some automotive rubbing compound to it, followed by a white polish, followed by some sort of scratch remover/polish. You'll end up with smooth glass like surface.
Hmm... yeah if this wasn't just a junk practice helmet I cleaned up that someone gave me to paint for their son, I'd do it the way you do it xD I'm still learning and I learned ALOT painting this and while it looks good... there were a lot of things I could/should have done differently to give it a more pro look and it's really not worth the 2k clear xD

I'll have to spray it with more coats... I probably did like 5-ish... thanks for the tips...
dont no where you live ,but if you can get your hands on krylon triple thick it is great for stuff like that
I've used the triple thick clear and to be honest, I prefer the Rustoleum Crystal Clear Enamel which is what I'm using here. The Krylon always gave me tiny micro bubbles... It was always after I laid down more coats though so I'm not sure if it's cause I'd wait a day or so and give it another good coat... but I've never had issues with the rustoleum clear giving me bubbles no matter if I wait till the next day or not to clear again. So I use that.