new to airbrushing. having problems with paint flow. am using Badger Patriot 105 and Createx paint. Started out with 20psi and Badger paint. Run for 15 min and then clogging. clear out and after that point continuous clogging. Tried adjusting psi up and down 5psi with no improvement. Went to Createx started again same problem have tried thinning with water and adjusted psi. Any help would be great.
How muc water are you using, I would recommend 5 drops water to 1 drop paint, at 30 psi, but more water may be needed. Also win air constantly flowing over the needle, you get tip dry, he paint dries on the needle,totally common and something to get used to. If it is in fact clogging internally the paint may have clumps in it. If you have access to nylons,much a small piece, put it over the paint bottle opening, and screw the cap back on.This will strain the paint. Also if you are using opaque paint it is the worst to learn with, it does all these things worse than transparent paints, it's how I starred and it's a real pain in the butt.

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Thanks for info.
With Createx tried up to 50/50. Badger paint says it is ready to spray from bottle and it was about same consistency.
Didn't want to go to thin. Also is it worthwhile to try Createx illustration base for thinning?
The Spectratex should work 50/50, the Createx will need more. At this point all you want it to do is spray so you can practice. 10:1 water to paint is fine, it will want to not hold on to the paper , because of all the water, but that will teach you not to spray too much at once.

I would not bother with the illustration base unless you plan on getting illustration paint. All that it is designed to do is make the paint more transparent with out thinning the consistency.

I have issues with both of these paints, clogging and tip dry, straining is key. For practice only, if you get some glycerin, put 1-2 drops in each bottle it will help flow characteristics. I would not use it for anything but practice though. Since it is for practice you could try a bit more glycerin , maybe double. So 4 drops or so per 2 oz bottle.

All paints will tip dry, some less than others , ETac is the one. Have found does it the least, but you can not buy it in stores , in the US anyway. With you having Createx and spectratex I assume you are in the US and have shopped Michael's and Hobby Lobby. From HL wicked would be better, get the w 500 reducer, and look for the detail paints as they are ground finer and will clog less.

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I don't know what size nozzle the badger 105 has, but Createx is mainly used as a textile paint, with a .5 nozzle and high airpressure. T-shirt artists use around 60 psi I think, so it can be a bit tricky to get a good flow, though not impossible. I agree with Wayne about the Wicked/W500., I don't know what you want to paint, but Wicked is a great multi surface paint, I've used it on metal, canvas, board, mdf, and leather. It does benefit from a bit of filtering (pantyhose is good for this), as even though it has a much finer pigment, it still helps. You may want to try that with the Createx too. If you want to specialize in a particular aspect of painting then that may help with paint choice at some point, if you want to concentrate on fine art for example, then maybe E'tac or Com-art could be good.
Squishy, guess I missed him posting he has a patriot, its about a .4-5 mm , depends who you ask. I use mine all the time, and spectratex will clog it. I run 50 for shirts with reduced spectratex, about 50/50. Maybe more for the opaques. Same goes for createx, maybe even 3-400% reduced or more.

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A lot of paints say they will spray straight from the bottle but the reality is much different. I use Wicked Colors which has taken some play to get going and from what I heard, standard Createx is even worse.

You definitely need to thin and water isn't the right stuff to do it with. Get some Createx reducer and start at 1 drop of reducer for each drop of paint. Make sure you mix it well. From there it is a matter of getting your psi correct to the amount of reducer you use.

Once it is spraying good then you will have to deal with tip dry, a necessary evil it seems. Most seem to remove the tip cover while painting and then use their thumb nail to scrape the needle tip clean every few minutes. I found that the problem with this is that the needle tip is exposed and it can be damaged. So I leave the cover on and use a Q-tip which is sitting in a bottle top with 2 - 3 drops of Createx cleaner to clean the needle tip every few minutes.

For me I found the sweet spot with Wicked and a 0.35mm Iwata is 3 parts reducer to 1 part paint at 20psi.