CM-B vs. CM-C



I have a buddy that works at a commercial paint shop. She got me a Micron at quite a steal. I didn't think to tell her I needed the CM-C. The CM-B is what they had in stock. Will I be okay with that or is the B model more for auto paints that are thinner? I use com art paints and don't get near auto work at all. Did I just waste my money???
It will only be a problem if you need larger amount of paint. Also the B is .18 and not .23 like the C.
I use ETac, Createx Illustration, and even Wicked detail in my CM-B. It is actually made for the water side of things. It doesn't have a solvent proof needle packing out of the box.
You shouldn't have any problem with the CM-B. The nozzle size difference is nearly imperceptable in my expirience. You might have to reduce a little bit more, but we're talking a few extra drops, if anything.

I use E'Tac EFX, Wicked, Wicked Detail, and Illustration through my CM-SB's with no issues (well, no issues that you don't have with any airbrush, anyway). I have an Olympos MP200-C, which is more or less the same as a CM-C, as well. For paint sprayability, it's pretty hard to tell much of a difference.

None of my microns get used with any solvent-based paints.
Whew, thanks guys! I was really worried about that for a second! I did notice the lack of lid ko. lol
It came in the mail last night!!!!


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