CM-Cplus needle seal too tight


pretty old tutorling
searched the forum but didnot find a solution. Got a CM-Cplus and i'm afraid the needle seal is too tight. If i tighten the packing screw, the need almost wont go in. Huge resitance here. Even if the screw is tightend a little, the spring works hard to push the needle back if i push the trigger forward. When i open the screw 3/4 turn, the resistance feels normal. Is it possible, that the seal is defective or is there noreason for concern? I would be unhappy if now paint flows back to the trigger now. Any help is welcome
Like andreza said you have a lot of leeway with the needle seal. By the time you need to tighten it all the way you need to replace it (hasn't happend to me yet). Till than just set it as tight as you are comfortable with resistance wise (not so loose the paint flows back ofc :p)