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I did compare the two models,

- Same paint & ratio (wicked detail)
- Same psi (35 psi)
- Same distance (1")

In Micron, for the fine dots like a HP-CH i must too very close to the surface, this causes the spiderweb problem.

I bought Micron for fine detail work, but i must work 0,5 cm close to surface. I got the same detail with HP-CH about 1-2 cm.


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The same psi in this case is not a good reference for the test.

The lower the presure the less paint gets send out and the more "detailed" a spray pattern will appear. A 0.5 at 35psi will send a relative low amount of paint out for its size making it appear detailed while a 0.18 at the same pressure might be at it's maximum capacity and send out as much paint as it can at one time making it apear ""not detailed".

The trick to detail work is getting the pressure as low as possible, this will also solve the "spider problem" and here is where your micron will start to shine. It will still perform exceptional well at very low presure.

You are using an AIRbrush, the pressure is one of your tools, adjust it to what you try to achieve. Small close up detail: low pressure, higher reduction, large area's from a distance, higher pressure and maybe less reduction

Quick little test to illustrate: CM-SB with E'tac sepia

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Haasje is the man. The micron will give you microscopic detail, you just need to adjust your paint/reduction/air ratios to suit it.
I can get very tight detail with the hp-cs or similar BUT the micron blows it out of the water when you get the reduction and air correct as everyone else has already said.