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Ok so after download it says open- if you click that it takes hours to download shows no progress - if you hit save it takes minutes shows the progress and ends up in downloads- Im from West coast now in mid-west I have been going to coast since I was a kid- I finally nailed to through trying over and over- wanted these videos for 2 years it was frustrating me bad- nothing ever easy for me in this life. HAPPY NOW!
Hi Jared,

This is Ryan, with Coast Airbrush. I am the one that overseas all Coast Airbrush TV. We received your multiple voice messages from over the weekend and have tried returning your call this morning, however it says you # is not accepting calls at this time. Please know that we were closed in observance of the Holiday. I do see that you have gotten the issue figured out and resolved. Please feel free to call if you have any other issues or questions. In response to a couple of earlier posts, I would like to point out that all of our videos are direct downloads and not a streaming service. This means, once it is downloaded, the complete video file is on your computer and not in a cloud or streaming from our servers. The physical copy is on your unit. You had mentioned that you were able to watch it at one point but then it had disappeared. If you were able to watch it, this means the physical file was downloaded to wherever you chose to have it downloaded to on your computer. By default, this would be the downloads folder. If you chose a different location, it would be there. Once downloaded, the file would not go anywhere other than the location you chose, unless you physically deleted it. This means you likely have multiple working video files on your computer now. I presume you just weren't able to locate the files location after you had closed it. As far as download times are concerned, this has to do with your ISP (internet service provider). While many companies will boast about being "High Speed Internet" this doesn't necessarily mean they have a high rate of Download speed. Many companies also throttle back speeds, depending on how much data you have used that month. True High Speed Internet, will download any of our videos in 1 minute to 10 minutes. Slower speeds can take upwards of a couple of hours. If you visit our "How it Works" section on the website, it outlines the entire process of downloading and what to expect. It also covers file information, such as where the file downloads to, if you aren't too familiar with the processes of computers and their internal workings, or default settings. Although we are in a digital world these days, we understand that not everyone is well versed in file types and computers processes, when it comes to downloads of large file types. This is why we break it down under this particular page on our website. Please let me know if there is anything else I may be able to answer for you.

- Ryan
Coast Airbrush & Coast Airbrush TV
Hello Ryan...
I hope you stick around and enjoy this forum...Great place and even greater people....
Hi @Ryan
Welcome, thanks for your response. Would be great to see you guys around here. Is it you guys who do the live show on FB?
Hi @Ryan
Welcome, thanks for your response. Would be great to see you guys around here. Is it you guys who do the live show on FB?
Hi Mark,
Yes, we do our "Live @ 5" on Wednesdays, on our Coast Airbrush FB Page. I am the man behind the scenes. While we try to be present through all social media and the various Forums, its sometimes hard with how many outlets there are now a days. On top of the normal daily tasks of keeping Coast Airbrush open, running and helping customers, making sure our customers orders are being shipped and filming with Coast TV, we try to be as present as possible within the online sources. Happy New Year to you!

- Ryan
Hey Ryan Tell Dave you need a raise :D
Thanks for stopping by Ryan and helping answer the question.