Colorwheel with transparants

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I think most of you will be familiar with this but i thought it might be interesting to show.

Did this with a pupil after having him make the standard opaque color wheel with mixing all colors.

With the transparant wheel only yellow red blue and white (transparants ofc) where used so no colors where mixed outside the paper. The green stripe next to the wheel was to show you'll get exactly the same result if you mix yellow and blue in the cup (with these colors an ugly green :tickled_pink:)

It shows that with transparants basicly you mix your colors on your work, which makes it easier to adjust hues and correct slight color mistakes.

ps this was not an exercise in making a perfect color wheel but meant to show how transparants work.

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I think it does a real good job of showing how transparent paint will work when applied to your work,
and also with whatever colours are already there.
Good one!
Ok, for me you just threw a monkey wrench into an already jammed set of cog wheels lol. It is bad enough that I am color blind to certain colors and shades of colors, I suck at mixing regular colors and now you want me to mix them on the work. You just made it 10 times easier to mess up lol, I can mix green, brown, grey, and a funky skin tone at best off the work.