Colour isolator


Air-Valve Autobot!
Airbrushtutor cuts little triangles into board when he needs to isolate a colour so that he can match it. I use a single hole punch. The colour matching part is a a totally different ball game.

Hole punch and some card stock. You want it a bit heavier then paper so that the image does not show through the paper.

That is as far in the punch can reach. So I made one in each corner.

Ready to select which colour I need to pick

Pretty close after the 4th try.
I do the same thing cause a hole punch is quick and easy...LOL
Nice how too and thanks for sharing.
Even a leather punch with the different sizes for different areas of your art work if needed.

Just a thought.

Cheers, Red
Thanks for the tip! I'm getting tired of cutting out the small diamonds with the exacto knife... Lol...