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Hi all,
we don't have a graphic sharing area so I have posted here.
For sand carving practice I use colouring books to get my single and multi stage work down tight.
It appears to me that it's no different in airbrushing except where a sandblaster blasts the black, an airbrusher would paint the white.
So here is a very basic colouring book graphic for those that are interested

Just save to disc>open in your fav image editor>increase to say 8x6 inch>print off and paint the white spaces.
Im also working with a sandblaster , at this moment i use aluminium oxide bd-60. Dont know what you juse for it , any info is more than welcome.
Fer, I run two pots 1) a ebay pot as per my youtube vid and an ace blaster.
2)I shoot using a pab gun and other carbide tips.
3)I run 220 AO and 100 AO.I mostly use 100 cos I like the finish. 220 is more for halftones. 60 i'd use to clean stuff but soda/walnuts are better.
4) I have a cutter but mainly expose using RapidMask although my mates want me to play with SR3000 wash out.
5) I paint with pebeo which Is why I jumped onto here as Mitch put the idea of airbrushing it instead (its expensive)
sandblasting mirror/glass/ceramic/stone/denim/leather and wood has just been a hobby for me so far and I have an idea that I can mix sandblasting and airbrushing to do some bad S$%T that might make me a small business.

Try blastin some Jeans Fer, try say a skull and crossbones on a thigh area. just blast lightly to take the colour off.
Thanks for the info , before i started with airbrushing i worked with stained glass, tiffany,mirror,fireplace screens&room dividersElephant.jpg etc. After a vid on youtube i bought my self a cheap sandblaster to give it a go.
Only the 60AO is a bit of a disapointment, already took a google on the 100AO.

Kind regards