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Ok I have come to the realization that my airbrushes are not up to par so I have my sites set on a Paashe Talon gravity feed as a starter. Good choice or bad?
I take it you are using some or other Chinese junk then. Anything is better then them. I've heard good and bad things about the Talons.
Actually I have 2 Paashe H series and a Badger all siphon feed and over 30 years old. Know the other 3 I have no idea their brand, one says sears and the other 2 just say airbrush.
What is your plan for your new airbrush?
Skip the talon and get yourself an Iwata. I have a Talon and hate that thing.
The talons aren't bad, I have 3 modified ones and they are my workhorses, you just have to know how to adjust it properly to spray. It's not out of the box ready to go. It's a shame because it's trashed for being a bad airbrush when imo it's up there with the best once you dial it in. I would say a talon isn't for a beginner who doesn't understand how to set up their airbrush. Also it's more of a detail brush so it doesn't have a large spray pattern and only suitable for fine stuff. The way the head is designed it chokes the air down so it doesn't matter how much you crank up the psi, it will only spray so much.
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I have a Paasche Talon and confirm what Imortal Concepts stated, when dialed in correctly she works like a charm. The important thing to know with the Talon is that the tightness of the tip is very important too tight cuts off the flow of air too loose and air gets pushed back in the brush. Hope it helps :)
I don't think you can beat the Iwata HP-CS for a starter brush as it can do both fine line's and larger cover area's,a lot of people on here have them and it's a work horse for sure,I would get the gravity feed as you won't need a lot of air when it come's to fine lines and detail work,This picture was done with mine on a 5x7 inch peice of photo paper
I can't comment on the Talon as I have no experience with one, but I hear good things, like with any brush I guess you have to get to know it. I can echo the recommendation for the Iwata HP-CS. It's a great brush, both to learn on and continue to develop, as the better you get, the more you will get out of it. Although it's only a .35 it will do super fine lines when you get to know it. It's also easy to clean, with a less fiddly trigger mechanism and self centering nozzle. It's tough as old boots so as long as you don't use it as a javelin, or drop it, parts will last a long time (they are a bit expensive to replace, but as you will rarely need to, it's all good), and in IMO it's good value for the money.
I have one and it's a very good brush for the money. I have the kit that comes with all 3, tips, heads, and nozzles. It even has a fan spray attachment. You can pick the kit up real cheap at

Use cupon code 10-100 on the checkot page, and you can get the kit for $98.95
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I have the talon. Its a very good brush. This is my second one. First one I sold to get a badger renegade. But I had to buy another talon. Extremely versatile brush. Granted my first one was out the box ready. Not sure as the second one. I'm currently trying out my other two new brands before I bust out the talon. Worth the money in my opinion for a starter.
I can't comment on the talon but in the past I had a few old school Paasche V models. All I can say is that that Paasche airbrushes are finicky and take a lot to dial them in. Well aside from the H which always did what I told it to. I love the H. I think a good step up would be a good japanese airbrush would be good to transition on. Iwata, olympos, Rich, etc all make / made more or less similar models and they are less finicky to get used to.
Thank you all again you have been very helpful, now I just need to adjust my budget and get a new airbrush and the proper paints.
The budget adjustment is a bit of a bummer, but it's a good investment and well worth the wait if takes a bit longer, it's makes the whole process much less frustrating and more fun. I think a lot of people give up thinking it's them, when really it's the equipment holding them back.
Yeah I am working on it, tried to take a couple of pistols to the pawn shop yesterday but they just wanted to steal my guns. But I am not finished.