Just another basic question can you spray waterbased paint (createx) over enamels and then enamel clear back over the waterbased or will it " fry up "
Never had anything to do with waterbased before
The easiest way to look at it is, does the paint I'll use have properties that will disolve what's underneath it (keep in mind whats underneath it must be dry). Water based paint as far as I'm aware can't disolve any none waterbased paint and is as such safe to use on whatever other paints will be beneath it.

In general waterbased paint will withstand any clearcoat applied onto it (again if it's completely dry), it can't hurt to make a small test piece though to make sure you are not faced with any nasty surprises.
Yes , I usually let the enamels cure out and give them a light scuff then art work then clear .
By Createx I hope you mean WICKED :D
mainly because standard createx is not color fast and can fade over time.
i was curious what Createx had to say so i emailed is their response:
Thank you for contacting Createx Colors ( Please refer to the attached application guide for detailed instructions on product usage. For the project you have described, we recommend Wicked Colors

( ), Createx Illustration Colors (

, and/or Auto Air Colors ( ), as Createx Airbrush Colors are primarily designed for textiles.

4200 Series Auto Air Transparent Colors ( ), 4600 Series Auto Air Candy Pigment Colors ( ) and the Wicked Detail Colors ( ) are all great choices as they are transparent products. Createx Illustration Colors ( ) are perfect for fine lines and detail work but are not intended for coverage. Wicked Colors, Createx Illustration Colors, and Auto Air Colors are compatible and may be used on the same project. In addition they are compatible with all urethane and polyurethane clears. A test panel is highly recommended to determine the resulting finish prior to the actual paint job.

For artists new to airbrushing, we highly recommend the free videos on our website’s technical page about reducing paint, You may also be interested in our official Createx Colors Facebook page ( which features artist’s painting various items using Createx Colors, Wicked Colors, Createx Illustration Colors, Auto Air Colors and the newly released AutoBorne™ Sealers.

A complimentary sample and our product catalog will be sent to the address you provided. The catalog will assist you in further understanding the multiple paint lines for your purposes.
Boneman look forward to your thoughts on the catalog as it's good to have a guide to refer too