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Discussion in 'Competitions!' started by Tsunami airbrush, Nov 10, 2013.

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  1. SkinnyD

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    Feb 4, 2013
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    Ross, Ohio
    I tell you what. If I would have seen something like this thread when I first joined I would have walked away from this site. Shame on you for being a complaining, whiny ass. I thank you for your OPINION on that Giger is(was) the genius of bio-mech. To me that is what art is to me. An OPINION. Everybody perceives art in different ways and for you to say yours IS the right way is Selfish. The contest rules were simple. Do whatever the hell we wanted to as long as we used the reference of the girls head. That means we could copy whatever we wanted. If Theron copied exactly his entire piece, who gives a crap. He still had to draw(trace) and airbrush it. By the way, it looked phenomenal. So which is it are you jealous that he won or jealous that he is better than you. If the competition was to be like Giger but don't look exactly like Giger like copy his work of art it would have said that. Which by the way every work of art has an influence of each other whether copied or not. I bet your piece has something in it that you can find in another work of art and could be considered copied. I misread and used parts of all the references so bring your complaining this way why you're at it. This isn't an art class with tests of what is right or wrong. This is an art forum where everybody has their own opinion on their expression of art. I'm in my 3rd year of airbrushing and it's people like you sir(ma'am) that ruin the progression of new artists. I hope none of the new artists see this as it should have been deleted from the get go. My OPINION. Sorry I had to vent. I guess I'll go start a thread now cause I didn't get a vote first round. :0)
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