Complete airbrush beginner - NE England



Hi all,
As per the title, I'm a complete beginner with airbrushes, based in NE England (Near Darlington)

I've always sketched, since I was a kid (I'm now fast approaching 50), and have been a keen amateur astronomer - also since I was very young - so naturally, I often sketch the views through my telescopes.
Then a couple of years ago, I got back into another childhood hobby, scale modelling, and was painting with 'ye olde hairye sticke' until a couple of months ago, when I bought an airbrush/compressor kit just to try it out.
The compressor seems OK, it has a small tank, a water-trap, a regulator with guage, and works pretty well.
The airbrush however, wasn't great - a generic no-brand 'made in Taiwan' - but it did work, and at least it was a dual-action with gravity feed.
I say "did", and "was", because it is no more - I dropped it while cleaning, and broke the needle-chuck.
I'd only finished 5 aircraft kits with it, but already knew I wanted something a little better (without spending TOO much) - and I learned the lesson to go with a recognised brand, if only for spare-parts availability.

Anyways - long story short - and a Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2-in-1 arrived this morning (well, actually, yesterday morning, it's currently about 4:45 am here).
It may only be entry-level among 'serious' airbrushes, but after playing with it this/yesterday afternoon, it makes my previous one look like a toy.
I've already watched the H&S supplied DVD, and have been inspired to maybe (after a few months of getting used to it) try to amalgamate the astronomy, and astro-sketching, with the airbrush and having a go at some 'space-scape' pictures of telescopic views...

I expect I'll have lots of questions in a few days, after I've had a scooch around the forum articles.

Welcome from Canada, you've come to the right place lots of helpful folks here just hitching to help out. So ask away :)
Welcome to the forum from The US.

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Hi Karl. Welcome to the forum from another North eastener and a Quaker by birth (Monkey Hanger by upbringing I'm afraid!). I'm sure you will learn a lot on here. Everyone is so helpful and will bend over backwards to assist you. If I can help with anything just drop me a line as I have just gone through (and still going through) the pain of being new to ABing!

welcome from honduras,hope you can call this place home as i do!!!:triumphant:
Welcome to the Forum, looking forward to these star scenes and views through the telescope. Theres a couple of others who do space stuff hopefully they will give you some pointers.

Thanks for the kind welcomes everyone.

Got some 'airtime' with the new brush last night, and a WW2 Luftwaffe 'mottle' camouflage was a breeze in comparison to my old 'no-brand'.
A well-made airbrush makes a bigger difference than I'd thought.

Lee - I think it may be a little while before I'm doing paintings, though I am hoping to work towards that.
I've always pencil-sketched the telescopic views, so I might find that reproducing the subtle colours a bit of a challenge too.

Andy - as you can probably tell from my username, I'm a Quaker follower. I've been to many MANY Darlo-Pools games over the years.
Was gutted when the team was dumped down several leagues because of the shenanigans of the money-men, when the team was fairy good - We'd have been in the play-offs to get back in the league 'proper', if we hadn't been deducted a total of about 35 points that last season in the Conference. :grumpy:
At least we're on the way back - stormed the Ebac league last yr, and going well in the Evo-Stick this yr - Gonna take a long time to get back to the League tho.....

I was gutted as well Karl (Split loyalties!) I always liked to see Darlo doing well. Never really took to pools when I moved here at the age of 10 in fact I got loads of stick and still do! I support Newcastle (long story ... but has something to do with playing in black and white and sticking it to the Monkey hangers!).

As for not doing paintings ... have a look through the members galleries and see how some of them have progressed (including me) I think I have done a total of 20 pieces... then say it will be a little while before you do some paintings. I hope you get encouraged like me to just "have a go"!

Trawl the pages on here, look at anything on youtube to do with airbrushing (I created an account on youtube were I can save the videos and keep going back to them for information/enthusiasm). Remember, even the experts drop a b*llock every now and then so dont get disheartened. Airbrushing I have found is like 3 steps forwards and then two steps back ... but at least your going in the right direction.

It helps to have an idea in what you would like to do. I, personally, want to do custom jobs etc so I tend to look at tricks and techniques in this area but I am known to step out of my comfort zone (everything is steping out of my comfort zone!) and do something totally different (I did a wolf picture a couple of weeks ago because I had sickend myself on skulls doing a crash helmet and wanted to try something different).

I will say that I find that technique plays an awfully big part in turning out something half decent so learn your techniques (masking, freehand sheilding, airbrush control, paint reductions etc). Artistic ability makes it special! (I have yet to learn this bit!)

Just remember Airbrushing is like the opening line of The Hollies song "He aint heavy" .... "The road is long ... with many a winding turn" !
hello from Australia :)

it seems common that airbrush artists start with scale models. i know i've made my fair share lol
Hello and welcome from the US, I can't wait to see some of your work...I like sky scapes!