Composing an original image for reference


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Usually begginers like me don't want to copy and want to create an original image to paint , but find it very hard to do it.
I can't teach you how to do it because I have the same problem , but I want to share some images that I found that explain for itself the process , simple but effective examples.
Thanks a lot to Jeff Chapman , the creator.

Example 1

1.jpg 2.jpg

Example 2

3.jpg 4.jpg

Example 3

5.jpg 6.jpg

Example 4

7.jpg 8.jpg
Yip, that is what I'm planning. Thanks for sharing. In one of the features in the "Making It" documentary, the artist also shows how he composes a painting.

Thanks for sharing the link - I think I have to really watch the Making It movie. I see they have other series... Dave McKean!

What they are showing is inspiring to show it can be done and depressing at the same time because I have so far to go!
That Making It does look interesting, might have to give that a watch sometime.

I guess this is what I kind of do, only being a computer idiot, I just print and make a collage, then redraw it as one image. Or, as Diego knows through paintpal, I use a basic sketch of something as a base to give me some basic form to work from- in his case I think I used a wolf skull, and then drew over it to create a dragon skull.
I find this really interesting as I lack creativeness, I can think ideas but can't put to paper, adopting this philosophy I reckon I could now, big thumbs up Diego [emoji106]
My art teachers used to tell me that u need to gather as many reference pictures as u can, and use them to build the original u want. Reference pictures for everything, from texture to lighting, color and anatomy. Those pictures u found are really cool, thank u for sharing.
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