Compressor for Iwata LPH80


The Createx Bandit
after using my powerjet pro for the LPH80 i was not thrilled with the atomization it put out, sure it worked but I figured it could be better.
I picked up this comp today that meets the requirements for the gun, and wow the paint comes out like dream, super smooth and covers in a micro second! Blew my mind how smooth the finish was!

It has a 10 litre tank is not very noisy either! It keeps 14PSI at the gun without the needle moving at all!
So how noisy is not very noisy...? Can you get a rough decibel read from your phone?
I reckon around 70-75 dB i put it under my desk which dampens it, and my room is sound treated to absorb low end and have minimal reflections! I can have two fridge comps fitted to make it silent but i think this fine for what i need- coast wanted $600AU just for delivery of a silentair comp!