Compressor for whole day?



Im not really sure wich compressor I need... Atm I am a bit confused with all the brands and abilities.
Black Bull compressors for example, some say great other claim they are crap... Well I dunno either :p

Also I found out that most mini spray guns wont work well on silent airbrush compressors, too little airflow.
So how do I go on with setting up my basecoat and clearcoats?

- I do want to be able to use my airbrush all day long if I want.
- It has to be silent, I live in an appartment.
- Want the same one if possible for airbrush and mini spraygun.

Or ditch the mini spraygun and go for a big nozzle airbrush for the base and clearcoats?

For the Dutch people among us, is this something you think? http://doe-het-zelf-verbouw.marktpl...X+O+PfQgfSNLr/f4H/dODZA==&fta_ind=4&df=1&fs=1

Edit: Addition to above post:

i found a 16ltr compressor with 1hp engine wich hopefully makes not so much noise 50-60 dB.
And wit a 165l/hr airflow, witch would also power a mini spraygun. Also not too expensive :p

Link to dutch store:
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Hi,the one in your pic shows what looks to be a twin pump diaphragm type AB compressor connected to a tank .In my honest opinion i do not think it will be suitable for running all day due to the amount of moisture that would be produced with that type of usage .If you managed to solve the moisture issue completely i would question how long the unit would last .For noise or the lack of it is worth paying extra and buying a silent air type of unit with a good size tank and this would also be able to power a mini spray gun for base and clear coating .However pleas remember to pick a mini gun that is HVLP or LVLP as these have less overspray and require less psi and air volume CFM . Bergen do a nice gun that uses on full bore 3 cfm and imho produces a very good finish .You only want to purchase a compressor once so its worth paying more for the correct item .
It is a 2 cylinder motor, I thought that was no diaphragm motor then. But thats why I am asking, dont know much about them... Like alot on airbrushing whaha... hmmz
Generally, the 2 and 3 cylinder models are referred to as 'quick recovery' and as such should produce less moisture as they don't generate as much heat due to the shorter running period to 'recover' the tanks pressure.
As Ferret mentions though the one pictured being a lot smaller than a typical production shop size may be different though(??), might be worth looking into a bit further :)
Yh im all over it, trying to figure it all out... they also got one for 449 euro (same price as a sil-air) but with 2 oil free engines (2 hp) and a 8bar - 25 ltr tank. That would not run much i think, and still is 53-60dB. No idea how long such a tank would last with normal airbrushing, before the engine kicks in again. It got an air output of 330ltr/m, that would blow the leaves out of the garden :p

Link to compressor image:

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