Compressor help


Victor Garcia

Hey, I have been wanting to get into this hobby, but I am having trouble finding a good compressor in the country I live in.

I need something on the quiet side since I live in an apartment and my free time is at night; I cant find any of the recommended compressors here and importing them is way to expensive.

I was able to find this:

Would that be of any use to start off with? (I want it for illustration) or should I keep looking for somethign else?

I guess I was also wondering if dental/medical compressors are usable for airbrushing in general.

my compressor.... but after you look you really should goto introduction page and tell us about yourself..... its a bunn medical compressor that i modified with a tank and switch really quiet and seems to work great.... rated for continuous duty20150811_214826_resized.jpg
welcome victor, it would help a lot if we knew where abouts on the planet you were living : )

That compressor is quite loud. 65db. I have this one(HBM)

and it says 47db(I think in reality it's louder) It's still too loud for me to airbrush at night. Otherwise it is a really good compressor. I should have just saved the money and got my self a silent compressor. Something like 30db. Noise is annoying.
The compressor may by 47dB but the area it's running in may also be contributing to the noise... Like a sub woofer...
The compressor you linked to looks like a good unit. It looks like it has the same motor as you get on the California Air and GMC machines. I have the same one on my medical compressor and it works great. Not as quiet as the super silent fridge motor units, but enough to not to disturb the missus while she is sleeping in the room next door.