compressor location



im still waiting for a few bits to get started so im trying to figure out where to do it
i was planning on the garage but its too hot in summer,too cold in winter and it leaks
i havnt got room in my bedroom so i thought id do it in the loft as its out the way.
the thing is the compressors stupid loud , it says ,measured @ 94db ,guaranteed 95db lol so no doubt even louder than that
so i imagine even if i try and soundproof a box for it itl still be loud,poss worth a go though

or can i have a couple of hoses connected so it will reach to the loft? or possibly outside in a box?
I use a bigger style one to. mine is in the bathroom with the door shut. I had it beside me, but i'd jump when it started every ten or twenty mins. idearly i'd like it outside in a cage. I think you can run a fair bit of hose. As long as you plug the compressor itself plugged strait into the power. I dont know why that is. I have a 25 meter air hose,the full size stuff,not the little airbrush ones,and it works fine. If you go and run hose up to your loft you will want a nother regulator up with you. Otherwise you have to keep going and checking it.
nice one faram
yea mine sounds like a jack hammer lol i normally have it by my feet when working so im used to the noise but my neighbours wont be :angel:
i think mines 25m too but id need another if i run it from the garage, or just have it covered outside and put it back in the garage each night
ive got a filter/regulator coming so that wont be a problem
cheers for your help
yes the noise is why mine is indoors. I think it would be ok outside in a cage with a little tin roof. It's sad but theft is a concern.
I hear you Faram, Ive screwed a few things up by being startled by my compressor.

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I hear you Faram, Ive screwed a few things up by being startled by my compressor.

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Lol! I crap myself every single time mine kicks in! There's no way I could have it indoors, so it's in the shed, which is clad with loft insulation to help deaden the noise a bit, and stops me turning totally smurf blue in the winter. That, all my clothes, hat scarf, fingerless gloves, coat and banket, and I almost don't notice the hyperthermia. The neighbours can hear it, but not enough to get annoyed, so unless I win the lotto, it's freezer/sweatbox for me.

As Faram said, a long hose should be good, but having your regulator at the gun is also good as if you set your pressure at the compressor end, it might not be the same by the time it gets to the gun.
i live in a semi detached house but i think it would vibrate through the whole row if i had it indoors
it would get nicked here too if i left it outside overnight, the little feckers would have it away in the day given the chance but i reckon i can get downstairs quicker than theyl be able to climb over the fence with it lol
do air brushes spray tar? ive got some feathers lol

i bet you can do some awesome realistic icescapes in winter though squishy lol
Lol chalkedup, VERy realistic! Wouldn't want to run into the kids round your way if they can have it away with a big ol' compressor, must be built like brick s***houses! Lol! Remind me, are you, or are you not allowed to set traps?
its amazing how fast five 7 year old kids can strip a compressor lol
it depends if the police ever find the person you caught in the trap :panda: