Compressor malfunction already!


Hot Glue King.
Well you guys all know I just bought my new California air compressor earlier this year and got my first problem with it. Started out last week leaking air which I thought was coming from my safety valve at first. Last night it made a huge blast of air escaping and it stopped running. So I emailed California air and told them my dilemma and sure enough they kindly sent me a link to repair it. I had to remove the electromagnetic valve and re stretch the inner spring. Sad to say it worked for about 10 seconds and I instantly emailed them again and they promptly responded by shipping a replacement electro valve. Hopefully that's what the problem is and I can give them a big thumbs up on customer support. There's a valve under that little black unit.


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That sucks, but it sounds like they are on top of it for you, good luck man.
Ohhh thats a bummer!! I know I went into panic attack mode, when my old compressor went down!! Glad they were on the ball to help you. Did they offer any info as to why??
Hope that sorts the issue out for you. Sometimes you don't paint because you don't have time, or whatever, but when you can't .....grrrrrrr
All he said was that should've fixed the problem so I'm guessing it's more than the spring. Just wondering why it smelled so hot after it only ran on initial fill up, smelled like it was ready to blow up lol! At least I had my other 4 compressors on stand by mode to hook my airbrushes up to lol!
Does the compressor hum when it's running? If it is, this can cause overheating and shutdown. If it doesn't start back up, take off the filter and see if it starts. If it does, that was the problem.

Now with the blast of air, it makes me think of a faulty unloader valve. That's what I'd start checking next.

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Also sometimes have to go back to basics. Check the oil levels if it's not oil less and fuel.

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In that case, sounds like the pump is already bad. Since there is no oil, there is a lot more friction. You can get a cheap pump from harbor freight and it will work just fine.

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As new as it is Cuda, if there is an issue they should replace it, also if you ordered it from Coast I believe they may cover it as well. Seem to remember something about them warrantying any compressor they sell.
Hey peeps just a little update on my compressor. Here's a pic of the old parts after I installed the newly shipped parts from California Air. Just fired it up and guess shut off without blowing all the air out yehaw I'm back in business!!!!


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:thumbsup::thumbsup: Now get painting you have been off a weeks vacation already!
glad to see that the part was replaced by them too:thumbsup::thumbsup: for cal air