compressor recommendations.



I've got £100 to spend on a compressor can anyone recommend any. I currently use a AS model without a tank. It only runs at 25psi and Im looking for more pressure and more stable air flow.

What's everyone using and what are they like?

I don't mind 2nd hand either so looking on ebay.

Thanks in advance.
Don't know about different brands, although I hear good things about Bambi, but just a few things to think about. Where are you working? And at what times? If you hate your neighbours, and want them to move, or think it would be a laugh to paint at 1am with a compresser as loud as a pnuematic drill, then no probs. Or is your neighbour bigger than you, with violent tendencies? If so you wight need a whisper compresser?
Second hand is a good option, but try to find out if it has a regulator, if it needs oil, and probably the most important, does it have a pressure release valve to avoid any unwanted explosions and death. Also how easy is it to get spares for.
If you do go for a second hand one, empty the tank (which it should be for moving anyway), and drain out any water, then add a water trap. Give it an oil change, while whispering sweet nothings, and it should love you forever.