Compressor selection



I'm real new to ab. Need to get a better compressor. I've been using just a little pancake compressor made for nail guns. It served its purpose to get me started, but now I need to upgrade. I've been doing some research, but would love some feedback. Just learning now, but would love to eventually do some motorcycle, or similar sized things. From what I've read, I think something with a tank would be smart. I am mainly using an iwata eclipse, and will probably be spraying wicked paints through it. I was kinda looking at the California air tools 1650A, and was wondering if anybody had any thoughts about it. I know there's smaller and quieter compressors, but I really don't need a super small or silent one (just quieter than I have). Really don't need a huge one because I have a larger one in the garage that can handle HVLP spray guns if need be. I know it doesn't include a moisture trap, so I would add one of those. Just really needs to run one ab, maybe for extended periods. For the price, it looks like a good compressor. Was just wandering if anyone had any experience with one of these, or the company and if it would serve my purpose. Didn't want to get something too small and regret it later and have to upgrade again. Would love any input. Thank you.
Those CAT compressors seem to be the go to if you are not going to get a silent model. Maybe step up to the 1hp motor though. Those you can always add a 5-7 gallon in line storage tank to.