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So after putting up with the noise of my compressor for a yr now and driving the bride crazy thought I would have a go at making a silencer box for it. Took me pretty much all day to knock it up and it reduced the noise from 93 db down to 65 db. I made it out of mdf board which I got for nothing. Also bought an exhaust fan to circulate air. Here's a few progression shots. tmp_IMAG0799936541119.jpg I baffled both ends to allow the air to circulate tmp_IMAG08001329447014.jpg insulated it he internal with 2 layers of carpet underlay that I picked up from a garage sale for 5$ tmp_IMAG0802113465299.jpg this is the finished product all cost me 25$ and a day of drugging around but was totally worth it I can hear myself think and the misses is off my case !!
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Nice setup. I just still feel weary of making compressor overheat being contained like that

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The amount of air forced through by the exhaust fan iv put in cools it nicely no different then putting the compressor in a corner or under a bench
Looks like a great ideal as long as the cooling fan keeps running you should be golden.
The fan runs the whole time so when the compressor kicks out it pushes the heat out immediately. Did a test run by releasing air letting it build up and so on, opened the box no excessive heat in the box or on the compressor so hopefully it will be ok lol
I just still feel weary of making compressor overheat being contained like that

Ya need to get off that train Immortal..It works fine, it doesn't overheat anything to the degree of reducing the lifespan of the compressor...I ran a similar system with no fan and what killed the compressor eventually after 7 years was it rolling around in my mates ute LOL..And that was a $70 dollar compressor..I can buy about 5-6 of those over one half decent silent compressor and the silent compressor not in a box will still get much hotter and likely will burn out with our kind of use LOL..The fan is a good idea though and no doubt helps cool it a bit..You can also pipe the air into the compressor (Which helps cool it also) using some plastic tubing and a fibre baffle so it still draws air in but reduces extra sound coming out..

Steve I would also consider if the space is there to glue lots of egg cartons to the sides or you can buy it from a good rubber store(Its the same principle that music studios use as the convex shape of the carton will bounce the sound around at all angles rather than allowing it to pass like a flat surface can), this will help reduce the sound again by an extra 15-20 decibels..Some heavy duty castor wheels may also help by reducing the subsonic noise aspect through the concrete from vibration..Nice job..:)...And let us all know when ya compressor blows up from overheating...Some of us may still be around LOL, but if it is something your concerned about, buy a little fridge thermometer that has a lead on the thermocouple that goes in the box and a digital display on the outside, if you see it getting stupid hot, you can turn it off for 10 minutes :).
Rebel the amount of air the fan pushes through its cooler than it ever was. Ran it for 15 minutes straight yesterday open the box and the temp was equal to the outside temp ! So no dramas about over heating. As for the foam I will get the sound proof foam when I get a chance. Oh and picked up castors this morning. But for the foam I used I didn't expect the sound to reduce as much as it did. If the sound proof foam reduces it more I won't hear it at all !!
If the sound proof foam reduces it more I won't hear it at all !!

Hahaha thats the idea m8, that way we can hear our Pink Floyd playing in the background LOL..oh and ya don't need to buy it, go down to your local restauraunts and ask them if the have any flat egg containers..You know similar to egg cartons you buy from the supermarket, in restaurants they often get the flat ones with their eggs, from my local fish and chip shop I have over 80 of them sitting there waiting to soundproof my generator shed..Just gotta get around to it..One day LOL. I'll take a pic so you can see what I mean..Not much cheaper than free..

Cooler you say? Thats interesting, put another fan in there and keep your beer cold LOL..
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These are the buggers, easy to glue in an the actual soundproof foam can be quite costly so a good alternative, not quite as good but close..Again hit up you local food vendors as they prob chuck em out every week..GL


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Looks great. Just asking, do you have a picture with the compressor in it. I was wondering how much extra space you have around the comp. I have a HF pancake that is way toooooooo loud.Tks Ole