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Looking to up grade my compressor. Currently I am using one I got with a kit from TCP Global, it's the T 20. Has no tank. Looking at California Airtools at the 4610 AC or 2010A. Any input would be great. I am only running one Badger Krome and live in an apartment so noise is a factor. I have heard one of the California compressors run on a job site before and was impressed.
I have a 4610A, and have been using it for at least 3 years now. It started out in my shop, running a ultra high speed woodcarving hand piece (like a dentist drill) for many, many hours a day, before being re-tasked to run my airbrushes in my studio. Has never missed a beat, and is quiet enough so as not to startle me when it kicks on, even though it sits right by my knee as I am seated at my drafting table.
just keep in mind that hearing it on a job site (normally a lot of other noise going on ) will sound different to hearing it in the relative silence of your apartment :)
Check the decibal ratings then download a decibal app and check your compressor for a rough estimate, I've heard good things about the California silent line but never used one, I'm spoiled with a huge screw compressor in my shop that I plumbed into my basement where I usually paint that lasts forever on a single tank full.
I have a calfornia air tools compressor, the 1hp 8 gallon model and can vouch for the quietness of these compressors.
I've had mine for a few months and no problems with heavy use.
also the 8 gal model is only $178 at home depot with free shipping to your door or pickup
at a local home depot, mine arrived at my door in two days.i think the 5.5 gal model is only around $145.
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