Confused about Clear



I have been looking around, and the more I read, the more confused I get. I have a current project (plastic welding helmet) and an upcoming project (metal panel) that I need help with. I am using the AA white Sealer on the helmet, and the AA Dark sealer on the metal. I will be using wicked for the detail work. The only "clear coat" I have ever used is the krylon crap you get at wal-mart. I'd really like to do these the right way, but I'm not sure about which clear to use, what size gun to run it through. etc. Any advice to get me pointed in the right direction would be appreciated. I've seen a couple of people talking about the Clear in a can with the activator, but I'd rather not go that route if possible.
Well the spray max does do a good job for small projects. If you want a forgiving high quality easy to wetsand clear, I'd go with matrix if you can get a hold of it. Being you're in texas you should. I had a good contact near Dallas back in the days. Otherwise any high solids clear will do. Just pay very close attention to the product labels and the ratios given. Most are 4:1 but a few are different and even some require reducing. Don't exceed your spray guns psi and do a couple tack coats before a medium coat, then finish off with a wet coat so that you won't have any issues clearing over autoair.
I like Matrix, too. The MS-42 and MS-52 are two of my "clears of choice".

I would actually recommend a medium-build clear. I find them to be easier to spray without getting runs, but, in the end, any good quality clear will work.

For spraying, I'll use a 1.0 or 1.2 if I'm using a mini gun, or a 1.2 or 1.3 if I'm using a full-size gun. I like using a compliant gun for clearing, instead of an HVLP (more pressure= finer atomization= less "flow out" I need to consider)
The 2k spray cans actually work pretty well, and are nice in a pinch, but it would get real expensive real fast.

Also, not to complicate your efforts even more, but be sure to look into how to spray 2k products safely. The hardener, especially, is not stuff you want in your body, and it can get in a number of ways.
Again, thank you both. There's a Tasco here in Waco, so I'll hit them up tomorrow and see if they have Matrix. If not, I'm sure they can recommend something that'll get the job done. I have to get this thing finished and cleared by Thursday for a fathers day gift.