Connection problems - help needed



Hi all.

I have a compressor with airhose that fits my Iwata gun (screw connection) perfectly and have been spraying for about three weeks now. My airhose is just a generic one: 1/4" compressor end and 1/8" airgun end.

I went to connect my badger 155 gun and it doesn't fit the airhose. I need to get an airhose for it to connect to my 1/4" manifold fitting, obviously the generic cheaper braided airhose won't do.

I have bought some Paasche guns that come with Paasche airhoses (which I haven't got yet). They say they are 1/8" x 6' braided hose with couplings. The manifold says 1/4" connection. Will I need a connection or will they screw straight on?

Being in Aussie land, don't have a Michaels and all the stores people recommend. Not sure if our local stupid "Bunnings" hardware store would have all this. Why can't all the connections be

So bottom line is, being a visual person and female!!! I am a bit confused as to what I will need. Can I swap an airhose around to save on connection fittings. If someone could help me explain what I might need (in plain english please), it would be a great help.

The set up I am trying to achieve is: artlogic twin compressor with airhose to 6-way manifold to 6 airbrushes (1 x Iwata Revolution, 1 x Badger 155 Antham, 4 x Paasche MIL (has own Passche airhoses).

Maybe I should wait until it all arrives and so what fits Cheers Jane

if your hardware store sells compressors they should carry adapter parts thats were you would find it anyway or see if you can find a plumbing supply store and ask there chances are the will carry something that works, you may have to mix and match and McGiver it
Good Luck!
Hahaha they are all standard Jane, just prob got the junior at bunnings, next time ask for his dad LOLOL...

Read my PM m8, ya prob better off going to a quick connect system so ya only have a hose or two to worry about and a cple of mini traps for each hose, then just set all your guns up with a male quick connect..Will make your life easier and a whole less money to spend setting up individual hoses..And there is I mentioned a badger to iwata connection available but thats the one you wnt find at bunnings...Check ebay or badger themselves for one..GL
Should have asked the forum and yourself first. Thanks for the PM.
Everyone is closing down and having sales. Southern is closing down and Chicago Airbrush are having a huge sale on airbrushes. Will ring Southern Airbrush today and talk to the dude to make sure I get the right thing. May as well buy it while it is cheap and dodge ebay.