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Hi. I have this question. I just received my very first airbrush (pictured below) and really do not know exactly what I am missing. I ordered and still waiting for the moisture trap, but noticed that the airbrush needs something at the bottom to connect. I'm not really sure if it is a hose or connector and didn't find anything at hardware store. Please, any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
You can just unscrew that and keep it in the storage case. The hose you're getting has the correct fittings.
Actually, that's not a male quick connect... Look at the end. A quick connect doesn't have the three little "barbs" (not sure what the technical term is), it has a single indent. This fitting is designed to have a hose pressed over it. Just FYI...
Hey simpsons316 I think that is a fitting for pressing the hose on just like simonarvestrand and wicked art studio said. Here is a pic of the quick connect by Iwata.


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