Conopois Airbrush.


Gravity Guru

Conopois Airbrush. Broad stroke Sprayhead fittet, Retouche Sprayhead replaced. This Sprayhead are unique.
Adding this Sptayhead the two Conopois Airbrushs became a nice set. This Airbrush were hand made in england in the 50's and 60's, Rotring then bought the design and designed their own version. The Rotring eas discontinued in the 90's. I allway's thought the lose Detail and Retouche Sprayhead was the only option, but this Cone shaped one, was in one of the boxes and are now fittet on one of the two found on Ebay.
Thank's for this time.
Per Corell​

Mailed the original firm of the Conopois Airbrush : prompt reply and the first class service.
I ordered from the remaining parts and made sure to get enough spare sprayhead gaskets, retouch cups and standard cups.
So I just need to clean the air valve of the one where I replaced the retoouch sprayhead with the wide stroke sprayhead. Now as the retouch sprayhead produce a very thin line, this don't mean that the "wide stroke" compare. Il'l say the wide stroke act like a normal 0.20, except the tip dry isn't the big problem. Hand made also mean there are a slight difference between the now spare fineline sprayhead and the one on the other airbrush. I agrea I am maybe to carefull with these two. But Im'e still considering if it wouldn't be better to see if there are a collector, who want this unique set. In fact I were looking for a couple of Iwata top models, when I spotted this deal. But I better start using them, as I havn't realy tried them to the limits and maybe they will serve me just right.