Contact Paper for frisket?

Most contact paper is too damn sticky.. That is what it is designed for to be put on and stay...
But I have found Magic cover for scrape booking that is ultra low tack self adhesive vinyl clear at hobby lobby that work great ., I have yet had paint lift from using it. Made by Kittrich corp.
I think the roll I have is like 18 inches X 25 feet ,
I would personally avoid it, some does work ok as herb mentions, some will ruin your work or leave a residue thats extremely hard to get rid off..Theres nothing more frustrating (and this happens with frisket and masking tape aswell) to spend numerous hours on a layer, peel of your frisket, tape or contact adhesive and it ruins your work..Seen it happen so many times it isn't funny. Like most when I first got into airbrushing I thought it would be fine...10 odd years later I've never touched it since LOL. Your better of creating paper stencil cutouts imo if you want to do fancy designs that you feel freehanding wont express well..GL
I agree with the other guys, too damn sticky. I don't think you would be successful trying to de-sticky it with out wrecking it. I use application paper and frisket.

Cheers, Red
Is there any way to take some of the stick off?

You can try the old trick of sticking it to a t shirt, or something with some fibers that will pull off, before sticking it to your work piece. I've had varying levels of success with that, but none that I would call "perfect". Sometimes that trick hasn't worked at all and I've still wound up with residue on my piece... or it worked to good, and the paint creep was out of control because the darn stuff wouldn't stay stuck... I tend to lean toward paper stencils, taped on with clean release masking tape... but even that tape has given me issues.
yeah i did the old contact on the artwork trick. it was on a piece of foam core board. now it's just a piece of foam.
I agree with Herb and Rebel
I guess so. I just bought some kustom shop masking film.. That stuff on the MDP website looks like good quality stuff too. Maybe they are all equal in quality. Coast also has a comparable item. I saw Ed hubbs use it and I want to use it like a huge piece of frisket.
I've used it a couple of times, when I've wanted to draw a design straight onto something, and then carefully cut it out. But I'm a bit heavy handed for that, and worry I will damage the base coat. If you ever try it get the low tack one. But the film you got sounds like it will work just fine.
Well, I ordered the clear and they sent me the semi transparent. Oh we'll, I'm gonna keep it. Like a huge roll of masking tape!
Is the clear stuff less prone to wrinkles? The roll that I have has some wrinkles at the beginning of the tape. How do they achieve no bleeding of the paint under the tape with low tac stuff? Or is there no such thing? Seems like the lower the adhesion, the more probable the bleeding. I'm no tape adhesion expert though.. Maybe it has to do with the molecule size of the adhesive. They miss pick like crazy at tcp global.. 2nd time I ordered stuff and my order was either the wrong stuff or incomplete.



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Get something flat with rounded edges, maybe a scraper for getting ice off car windows or maybe an old credit card and file it round ??? not sure, could work), and then smooth out any air pockets, wrinkle towards the edge of your work, or an area where it doesn't matter. If you can smooth it out as you apply it, shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks for reassuring me squishy. I have a spackle thing that I use for a shield, template bubble taker outer, and wrinkle taker outer. Thanks for the suggestions. I knew that already i always ask every little question that comes to mind even though I think about it and acquire the answer my self. Sometimes I can be a bit hasty with my questions. Lol

Lol, I know what you mean, sometimes I get so involved, I forget to stop and smell the roses, and then later realise that I knew something all along.
Man, I am reluctant to prepare for summer. My garage gets so darn hot, the storage boxes I have out there, the stuff in them have been warped and melted. I'm go. A have to move all my airbrush crap inside somehow.