Cooling fan for an AS18K/TC20T compressor



I ran across a computer processor fan recently that I had put away when I built my computer years ago.

I thought, this looks like it would fit right on my compressor vanes and it did, almost like a glove (I used twist ties as insurance).

Made a bracket for a switch I had on hand and wired it up (yellow 12v power, black ground) to a salvaged molex connector from spare parts.

I plugged it in to the computer, hit the switch and now have some moving air to help keep my small compressor running longer.

I have it blowing down which forces the air out along the vanes as well as sending some air down on the case, it definitely helps as the vanes only get warm instead of hot.

Now I just need to get some air through the motor casing and I'll be able to practice/paint for extended periods instead of short runs.

Thought I'd post it and maybe give someone else some ideas


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Clever solution and probably sufficient for your needs, but you could achieve better results with a bathroom extractor fan.
Lol a Bathroom extractor fan no less, I suppose that is indicative of the quality of my artwork? lol:cry:

It was just something I cobbled up from parts on hand, a no cost upgrade that is silent, small and effective that took about an hour.