Cordyk's Log Start Date September 2013


Sheriff Woody (Admington)
My Goals :

I shall aim to achieve at least 8 hours a week of airbrushing.

I will produce at least 1 completed airbrush painting a month to be posted here.

photo (1).jpg.





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That's an awesome result by the way bud, i love the furriness of the hair without going overboard. Awesome softness to it.
Well folks, been a very busy month for me and although I have struggled to get as much time in at home airbrushing as I would have liked, I did at least have the good fortune of spending three days painting with Mitch on his course so that bumped up my hours this month! Plus we had the comp pic to get done in time which really pushed me to be creative, but I really enjoyed it and it's something I will really be trying to do more of my own stuff as apposed to copying.
I did have another painting nearly finished but had a complete disaster with frisket and the board and ripped a massive piece of maybe I shall put it up anyway as not finished!
December is going to be another busy month for obvious reasons but I intend to push myself early to make up for all the hangovers and stuffing my face plus sitting on my butt that will be happening at the end:)

Here's the one that went wrong with the frisket
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Great work Kev! I avoid frisket when possible, it has pissed me off quite a few times. There are many times when I should use it, but don't and regret it. It's a love hate thing. :)
Damn, that was looking awesome! Is there no saving it? I'm trying to do less copying too, I find it pretty hard to come up with original ideas though.
Well it’s about time I got my boot out of myrear and got something down in my log!
So this had better be for December and January….whata slacker! Well December was prettymuch taken up with the usual festivities and over indulgent holidays, but did Iget much painting in...well not so much as I thought I would but I did manageto get the Paintpals sorted and paint my own which is now in the hands of LadySquishyJ and a painting of my dearold mum from 1942.
But that was it for December and witheverything going on I was happy with that, then January came……….I had so manyplans!!!
My intention was to start ramping up the amountof time I want to put in on the brush, it started well with my first pratice pieceof the ‘Arabian nights’ which went down so well I had a buyer! I persuaded him I would do a proper paintingand you all saw the results in the ‘step by step’ I posted…sold..happy days!
Then things started to go downhill, first likea plum I deleted most of my paintings from the ipad and devices…doh, next I hadfound of late that within about 15 minutes of painting I would have a headacheand found it very difficult to focus up close with the airbrush, not great add thatto a basic loss of my mojo for painting then you can guess I was painting lessand lessL.
I found it very hard to get motivated andgetting the headaches was adding to that, but that is all going to change now, Iguessed that my headaches was basically down to my age(48) and focusing upclose was going to happen, so I have been to the opticians and had the oldmince pies(eye’s) checked out and I will need reading specs…sorted.
Next was my mojo that needed finding!. I sat back and had a good long think aboutwhat sort of artist do I want to be and what I have been doing over the lastyear or so, I realised that my mind set has been on painting portrait afterportrait, thinking I have to get these nailed and always thinking about whatpeople would buy!
I have done a couple of decent portraits butbelieve me I don’t find them that easy and if I’m really honest not thatenjoyable anymore, I do one and think it looks ok then the next is rubbish! Thatwould probably change if I gave them a rest for a while I suppose….but I havenot been painting the stuff that excites me or gets my creative juices flowing…thereinlies the problem! I love making up spacescenes, fantasy stuff and animals and especially cartoon/manga, caricaturesthat sort of thing so why the hell am I not doing that!
I think we can all get caught up in the wholerealism thing and we want to emulatewhat people like Dru and Marissa can do because it looks so fantastic, but ifit don’t feel like fun how will I grow as an artist myself, you have to do whatgives you a buzz with an airbrush, I’ve had a good crack at portraits but maybethat’s not my thang!
I look at the other stuff that the likes of Druand Marissa do, their fantasy and animal stuff and that’s what floats my boat,so I have signed up for Marissa’s animal course in May which is awesome, I amjust going to paint new stuff that gets me going and if someone wants to buy itthat’s cool, so just got to finish this damn portrait I am in the middle ofhaha and away I will go……see now I feel quite excited again…the mojo is comingbackJ

Managed to find a some of the deleted pics, notmany I know but ive just waffled on about all that haha…..thanks for readingit, if I didn’t bore you too muchJ

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Paint what you love to paint, not what you think people will buy! We all want to make a living from our art, but when we chase that dream we forget that creating our own art is what we love. When we start painting what we love, we start to create something unique and sharing our own perspective on the world... And people will react on that. It's not for nothing that Mitch preaches 'spread the love'. Although it can come across as quirky and gimmicky, there is a lot of meaning in those three words (at least for me).
I only mention all of this because I recognize where you are and I have come to similar conclusions about what to pursue myself. Good luck :)
So jealous of you going on the Marissa course Kev, I would love to do that one, and the fantasy one. I totally get what you mean about painting what you love, and not what you think you should be painting. I am not a portrait artist - that's all there is too it. The one I just did, I did in answer to fez's challenge, and because I knew my Sis would love it, but I know I can't do them well enough to be truly satisfied. That means I need to work more on doing them right? Yes, except I would rather be doing something else Lol! And this is why I don't progress as an artist LOL LOL LOL. At least I know my flaws.

Glad you got your mojo back dude! Looking forward to seeing some cool stuff!
Nice post Kev, I know what you mean. Going through the same here. Would love to do the Animal course in May but don't think I can afford it. Thought about it twice. Even tried to get Mick to go as well so we can share the driving ( 200 miles ) is a long way. I must try and get something painted myself, Did the paint pal, started another mini portrait, need to finish Freddie ( fine details left ) and a big pic of my mate on his bike ( half way through ). Just don't seem to have the energy lately after I get in from work. SO good on ya for trying. Keep on pushing.

Thanks guys,I realise now it really is about painting what gets you creative side going. I also see how you need to try painting other things that may push you out of your comfort zone with a view to painting specific things on request!. But now I will be painting for me....nuff said:)
Boom! Managed to get some time in for a wee bit of painting:)
First one is just a second run at my old mum painting, until recently I have never painted anything twice before and was always a bit smug about that, but yeah...the second time is always better, wasn't really happy with the first one so re-did it and quite different second time around!
The other quick painting is an exercise from Marissa as I'm going on her animal course...homework would you believe!!! When you sign up for the course you go into a Facebook group with these pics to practice on, great idea and gives you a taster of what's to come!
This is the first of three just using burnt umber(Etac of course) and looking for the shapes and looking at tonal values, good fun and an eagle and tiger to come.
Has made me slow down and concentrate on texture.
So not a bad month so far, not had a great deal of time to paint but getting my mojo back and enjoying it:)
Got some time in for the second part of the exercise set by Marissa, this one was an eagle that started off very well from the beak and the eye, then went down hill fast for the feathers.....damn feathers are tricky! This almost went in the bin as I was getting lost and over working it, I had great guidance from the lady herself but thought I was at the point of no return!
The secret to doing the feathers in the case of a monochrome is painting in the dark areas between the feathers and then erasing the overspray for texture,well that's what you are supposed to do:). Just before I was about to bin it I got out the fibre glass eraser and just scratched away.....then started to look ok...not brilliant and not up to close scrutiny but ok.
So I didn't bin it put a bit more paint in the brush and tweaked it some more, so the lesson there is don't give up to soon on your painting as you may always even by some happy mistake pull it back, so not perfect but still worth showing warts an all:)
The other little bit of work is a kind of experiment on a phone case just to see how the paint reacted with a view to doing another design on a mates phone case.
It's all Etac and I just lightly scuffed with a grey scotch brite painted and couple of coats of clear, ok so far, but next time I may use a plastic primer on it first, it is a phone case so I don't think even with the best will in the world it's not going to get scuffed to excrement in and out of pockets and dropped a few times, but once the money is in my hands that's his look out hahaha!

That eagle is great man.

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