Cotton black T-shirt



Hi all
What brand of paint should I use on a cotton black T-shirt?
You tell me anyone?
thank you
Hi Domes,
i have not painted a shirt myself, but from what i know Wicked paints work very well for shirts. Also the Spectra-Tex paints from Badger
should work too on a shirt.
I've only used Wicked Detail on the few shirts I've done. You have to heat set it with a blow-dryer or heat gun, but it holds pretty good. There are probably others with more experience than me that can tell you what other brands you can use. Check YouTube for how-to's.
Wicked, Auto Air, Createx all work just fine... Key is you have to put down a base coat first. Some use transparent base, some use opaque white. Heat set your base, then add your colors to your design.

Personally, I use a hair dryer or heat gun while I'm spraying my colors to get them to set up faster and stay closer to the surface of the cloth. Seems to go quicker that way and use less paint. Otherwise it keeps soaking deep into the shirt and takes more coats.