Couple Questions??



Hello everyone. I've been getting into airbrushing, and I finally got a nice airbrush, but I had a couple questions.

1. Is there a better way to clean the airbrush besides spraying the airbrush cleaner in and shooting it out the airbrush? It just doesn't work all that well. A lot of the paint gets pretty deep into the brush, and it's really hard to get out each color change.

2. Is there any way to thin the paint without lightening up it's color?

Thanks for any answers!
Back flush when switching colors.
As far as reducing, yes you can, different reducers for different paints. What paints are you using?
Thinning the paint affects the ratio of pigment, so it will be lighter, you just have to make more passes to build the colour density up. But this is a good thing, it allows for more subtle blends and gives more control.

Cleaner is ok for flushing between colour changes, but for a deep clean use restorer. It's a soak - do not atomise, and remove any seals etc as they will get damaged. I t loosens everything up, and makes it easy to clean.
Not sure what your paint is. But here is how I do water based paint. When I'm ready to change color I do this in this order on gravity feed.

1. Add water half way up cup and back flush then dump out do not spray.

2. Wipe cup out with paper towel and if need be use qtip to get down by needle and I run needle back n forth to wipe it off.

3. Spray a little water thru brush.

4. Spray few drops of cleaner thru insuring no color comes out if it does I do another back flush with cleaner and again dump do not spray. Then add few more drops and spray again.

That's my system and I'm getting much faster at it. I look at cleaning ad time for paint to dry before I get things to wet.