craftman compressor



This is probably a dumb question but going to ask anyway. Is there a way to use my craftsman air compressor that I use for my mechanic air tools for my airbrush. If so does anyone know where to get the parts to make it happen
yes it will work you just need a fitting to fit your airbrush hose and a regulator,, thats what i would do,,, any compressor would work as long at it supplies the proer amout of psi,
Should be OK, just a matter of getting the fittings the right size. Make sure you use a clean air line for the airbrush if you use oilers for you air tools. I would also run it through a secondary pressure reducer for immediate control.
This is how i have mine set up....I also use a big one....
I have a regulator and another water trap on the compressor. You can see the water trap at the back before this regulator at my station. I use quick connects for my brushes


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