Crazy silent compressor build



I have been working this thing over for quite some time. I was getting concerned about it maybe getting to hot. I have had a small fan blowing on it but it wasn't convenient for where I needed the compressor located. A friend gave me a couple old computer cooling fans and I bent a mounting bracket from aluminum sheet I had lying around. Next up it to paint the bracket. I am thinking of painting the tank also. Comments???Frank 01 sm web.jpgFrank 02 sm web.jpg
Whilst the fans are a good idea and your solution is very clever, I doubt you actually need them, I men looking at the size of the tank in relation to the motor, the motor is big enough to handle it's job, unless your working at full pressure for almost 24 hours a day I can't see any over-heating problem arising, but since the fans are there and it looks cool (no pun intended) it does no harm at all to leave them there and at the very least they will give you piece of mind;)

I would leave the tank as it is, but only because I like the colour, in fact why not paint the motor instead the same colour as the tank?:thumbsup:
I also doubt that cool air is getting anywhere near the parts that's getting warm inside the motor. Have you felt if the casing is getting hot al all?
It would get warm, but never so hot you couldn't touch it. I tend to get paranoid about stuff, and didn't know if it was getting to warm. I never thought about painting the motor to match the tank, that would be different.
I have worked on a few medical compressors and the only time I see fans on them is when they are encased with insulation to keep noise down. and even then I see the get disconnected all the time when they short out and blow the compressor circuit. Try tell a dentist that he has no tools today because a fan has shorted! you get the idea.
Does look cool though :)
Under the tank is an older computer power supply just for the fans. All the compressor and fans electronics are separate.
I have discovered that the fans also cool the hard lines before my filter up line of my regulator. It is cooling the air enough to let the water condense and get caught by the moisture trap. An added bonus!