Create Stencils with help of iPad and Plotter



There are several iPad apps that can be used to create Vector graphics and save files to a format that plotters will accept.
One of these is called InkPad. Not only does it create Vectors but it is FREE, which is even better!

So here is what you do. You import a photo or whatever you are working from. You create another layer and then you use a conductive pen to trace your image. Save it as an SVG and email it to your computer or your friend who has a plotter. Because it is SVG, you can resize it if you need to, you can print it out if you wish as a reference. You are only limited by the size of your plotter.

This app has lots of features, if you wish, you can draw freehand without a photo but I know that most of us use something to start us off. It isn't an app that will take you months to learn and you don't need to be an artistic genius to use it.

This is a handy tool for creating masks or stencils and definitely worth a look.
You're welcome! Of course, if you want to do lettering, you don't even have to trace, just save your work as SVG format and you are ready to go.