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Hello to everyone, I'm into my third week of airbrushing and have been using comart inks paints whatever they are up until now.
After reading up on all the properties and uses for different paints, I ended up buying the range of createx airbrush colours.
They are a lot thicker than comart and I don't know whether I'm supposed to thin them down or not but I'm getting a hell of a lot of tip dry,
I've added 4010 reducer to thin it to ( milk) but still happens, I use an iwata eclipse, between 30 and 10 psi still does it at low pressure.
I spend more time charging the brush than actually painting.
Any help would be great, or should I have gone with illustration or wicked as I want to paint a crash helmet of mine and do paintings too
Well if you want to paint helmets, basic Createx can be use, it is not lightfast though and will fade in the sun. You should also thin basic Createx with water not 4011. Wicked and the illustration colors are lightfast, can be reduced with 4011/4012, as well as the auto air line. These would be more ideal for your purpose.

Try reducing the Createx 3-4:1 water to paint. And run a gravity feed at 30-35 psi. Higher pressures will help it keep flowing as the air pressure will help to blow the paint off the needle.

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Thanks for that wmlepage, is wicked a urethane, or solvent based paint. ?
I must admit I'm still flabbergasted by the varieties of paint out there, a helmet and general artwork is what I want to do so, I think maybe buying these created airbrush colours of a mate was probably the wrong choice, but a good lesson learned.....cheers

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Wicked has a bit of solvent in it but is still a water based paint.

The standard Createx will be fine for fabrics and paper, so keep them, just keep experimenting until you find a reduction/pressure combination that works for you.

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