Createx Black over White



So I keep trying to work on basic shading techniques, pushing white with black, layering etc. I am using Createx opaque black and white, tried reducing with both Illustration base and W100... I keep getting the same results.. I am just spraying some construction paper, and have no issues with white or black alone, fine lines and shading are going well, except for when I try to detail black over shades of white... btw, this is a .3mm master I am using... so every time I spray the black over white to try for fine lines, it just spiders all over... there is no coverage... I move immediately away from the media to spray on blank paper, and perfect fine lines... back to the white shaded and it spiders... no fine lines.. it has this look of being way over reduced even though I am barely having to reduce this to spray.. it only seems to be a problem when I detail the black OVER the white paint... any ideas?? I'm about to scrap the createx and go for wicked, auto-air.. I just wanted to get better with my techniques before I forked the money for building up those paint sets...

Any help would be great!
i suppose that when u are trying to do detail , you are getting pretty close to your paper,, if your getting too close and getting blow out, you may try reducing your psi, or you may be pulling back too far for paint... it is trial and error when starting out... as far as createx goes,, opaques have to be thinned quite well especially white... i use wicked and this brand can be thinned to the max and still get great results... just try this... thin you black paint... on a scrap piece of paper reduce your pressure to the lowest setting that u notice a spray with... if it is too weak, gradually increase until you get the results you want and remember... the closer you are to the paper, less pressure and less paint... takes time bro... we have all been through that and eventually it will be second nature to ya.
what ran said.... also, you cant really reduce with trans base as it is just normal paint with no pigment/colour..... trans base will water down the co,lour in your paint but not the consistancy.... keep on using w100