Createx Experience | Airbrush Colors vs Wicked Colors




Does the wicked colors paints outlast the regular Createx airbrush color line? I'm looking for durable and flexible and I got primary colors of the airbrush color line, but I'm having doubts about it and was wondering if wicked colors was the way to go, for leathers, fabrics, and rubbers.

Also does anyone know if the AutoAir colors is ideal or useable for rubber, leather and fabrics? I was wondering because they have some great colors with great effects to choose from.
Wicked is design to paint on almost any surface... When you say rubber what type of rubber are you talking about?? The drive belts for a motorcycle ?
as with anything you paint it will all depend on surface prep , and sealers used , In some cases heat setting will play a part in it.

Autoair while it can be used on any hard surface really does not hold up that well after a few wash cycles even when heat set.
I would really help to know more about the things you intent to paint.
Processed leather vs raw leather , Type of rubber and what it goes on , how much normal wear and tear it get even with out paint.

As far as one out lasting the other , Createx is only designed for textiles and is required to be heat set plus will fade in direct sunlight because it is not color fast paint.
Wicked is color fast paint , But still needs heat set when using it on textiles.
Mainly sneakers, but I was generally curious, because I'm starting to see every object as a surface for airbrushing. My airbrushes coming in today, so I have a long road to travel, but I like to soak up as much info, and apply to some experience.