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Hi all. I have picked up some createx opaque pink (for me and my daughter ... Her choice ).

What should I use to delude it and how much/ration?

For future work I'm thinking of ordering wicked. My main goal is illustrations and later on t-shirts.
Is wicked a good paint for these or should I get something else ?

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Well not here is the real question. What airbrush are you going to be using?
Water can be used to thin standard Createx.
Wicked will Paint on anything so illustration , t-shirts , cars so yes for your coal it will be a great paint.
Hi Cliffisen,
If your main goal is to paint illustrations and to later paint T shirts, I would look at getting two types of paint that are specific to the job.
If you are new to airbrushing you have to realise that there is not really a "one paint fits all" and each paint tends to be used for certain types of airbrush work like; automotive and hard surfaces or illustrations on card, board and canvas or T shirts and fabric work, amongst others, although some paints can cross over they are better at their main target area.

For illustrations I would recommend Com-Art (especially if you are learning), Etac FX (if you have more experience) and there is Createx Illustration paints but I have only used the White. I paint mostly illustrations and have tried many paints (not Wicked) and always go back to Com-Art. Illustration paints have the ability to be erased and are rewettable which are techniques used to achieve stunning effects when painting. I believe Wicked does not lend itself to these techniques so well, but like I said, I've never use Wicked so I can't talk from experience.

As I've only painted a couple of T shirts I'm no expert and there are a few fabric specific paints out there like Createx, Spectra Tex and Medea Textile paint (Medea and Com-Art are made by the same manufacturer). Personally I chose Golden Fluid paints mixed with Golden Airbrush Medium which worked very well for me and is supposed to be a very good mix for fabric painting and it doesn't need Heat Setting as other paints do. It will cure if left for 4 days to air-cure but you can heat set it with an iron if you want.
Cheers Mel
Thank you both for your quick answers. I don't know what AB is coming (borrowing a friends to start with), all I know is that it's a .3 needle.

I think ill order one colour of com art and one etac-fx and see what they are like.

About the golden is Golden : Airbrush : Konstnärsfärger - Köp dessa på Mattonbutiken / Matton AB the one that you were referring to?

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NO!! This is Golden Airbrush Colors and this is a different paint which is not suitable for fabric painting.

I said "Golden Fluid Acrylic" paints mixed with "Golden Airbrush Medium" with needs to be mixed together so you can spray the paint through an airbrush. Golden Fluid Acrylic paint is used by artists and is too thick to spray though an airbrush without the Golden Airbrush Medium. Now I know you are a complete beginner I would not recommend using this paint till you have more experience. You will spend too much time trying to get the mix right and it will make learning a lot harder.

I would also say the same for Etac-fx too which is a brilliant paint but has different mediums in the system which can get complicated and it is relatively expensive. Having said that you can use Etac-fx straight from the bottle or reduced with bottled or distilled water (not tap water). But my advice to you as a complete beginner is to keep things as simple as possible so you can concentrate on spraying paint and getting your technique learnt :)

As you have already said you would like to try the Com-Art paint, I think this Set of Com-Art (illustration paint) AND Medea Textile paint would be a great set for you to start with and will give you the chance to try both illustration and textile paints. The great thing about these paints, apart from their excellent quality, is you can spray them straight from the bottle and they are a fairly cheap. I have put a link to an airbrush shop in the UK that sells this Set of paints and you can read about them yourself. Here is the link:

I live in Holland and buy from them so they will probably deliver to your country.
Cheers Mel