createx illustration paint


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not sure are these transplants ?and what is the drew Blair color buffing system iv tried com art there ok dont rely like the fact that they come in already diluted 1 oz bottles id rather order a paint set that i wont go through on one work i am thinking of etac or illustration
According to what I have heard and read the wicked detail and illustration paint has finer pigment sizes the illustration is supposed to be better for erasing and mixing on the canvas. I have not had much time with the illustration colors yet to tell you more.
I won a basic set on that facebook contest a while back and I love those. They flow very nicely have a VERY heavy pigment load. They also have what is called a "delayed cross linking" action. Meaning they take longer to become permanent than wicked detail does. They are ready to spray in like a Krome or Micron but with the heavy pigment load I reduce them anyway. I used them on the skull in my avatar. It was painted on a black toned canvas then used the colors reduced as a candy. Didn't muddy up the black and didn't fuzz out the details. Me likey!!
As for the color buffer theory. To buffer a color is to make it opaque. Because of the heavy pigment load when you add the white to it to make it opaque it doesn't lessen the intensity or chroma of the color itself. Which is usually what happens when you add white to a color is it loses it's intensity and washes out. These are designed to alleviate that problem. This way you have the exact same colors for both transparent AND opaque applications and all you have to do is add a bit of white to do that.
thanks for the info i think i am going to go for the fx marissa paint system from etac i know one thing for certain im not ordering wicked any more