Createx Line of paints



Just waiting for the arrival of my new Iwata HP C+ from Coast (up here in Canada) and of course doing lots of research. I just went to the Createx website, and noticed the different lines of paint. I did purchase the basic Createx paint, but see there is Createx illustration as well as auto and Wicked. Around here I only see Createx standard? will this paint work well for illustration? or is it a multi material paint like fabric etc. Obviously experimentation will be the true test, but I don't want to spend too much $$ on pigment that does not work for what I want. any comments or tips would be greatly appreciated.
standard createx is textile paint, It is not colorfast paint which means it will fade in sunlight over time,
Wicked is a muti-surface paint, Color fast and works great on all surfaces ,
AutoAir is their automotive line
the new illustration is designed for just that.
Sadly cannot find any wicked around here. Will likely order online or get liquid acrylics

all these paints are liquid acrylic? the illustration paints are great....what have you been using up until now?